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Pathfinder Digital Insights

Welcome to the Pathfinder Foundation’s Artificial Intelligence platform - Pathfinder Digital Insights. AI-powered insights from Pathfinder enables readers to make productive use of their time by filtering through key topics and areas of interest in reports, conference materials, discussions, and background papers with ease. Our goal is to deliver insights on topics important to our partners and collaborators and this platform essentially enables the user to utilize his/her time efficiently while browsing through publications and unlocks insights from documents providing different perspectives.

Powered by latest technologies, we bring you our new digital experience initiative ‘Pathfinder Digital Insights.’ It is designed to deliver a bird’s eye view of our work, specifically on previous Pathfinder Indian Ocean Security Conference discussions, remarks, background papers and reports. AI-powered insights from Pathfinder enables the reader to utilize their time efficiently and stay informed. We hope you enjoy this experience and would appreciate your feedback.

In minutes Pathfinder Partner Insights generates a bird’s eye view of a document or report to give you:
• The big picture and overview
• The key takeaways
• Heatmap of topics discussed in the document
• Sentiments by predefined topic category
• People / places / organizations and related information
• Document/ Report comparison to understand views expressed


Highlights major events in the Indian Ocean Region

The Pathfinder Digital Insights developed an interactive timeline that highlights major events that have taken place in the Indian Ocean Region. This is an ongoing process for Pathfinder, therefore, if you are aware of an event that you think should be outlined in the timeline please let us know via


Evolution of topics addressed at the Pathfinder Indian Ocean Conferences

The 'Word Cloud' depicts in a concise and attractive manner, specific topics addressed at the Pathfinder Indian Ocean Conferences since 2017 and how they have evolved


Comparing topic trends side - by - side

An interactive and attractive scatterplot of terms used at the Pathfinder Indian Ocean Security Conferences. Readers can click on specific terms and see, side-by-side, how the use of the term has evolved since the first Trincomalee Consultations meeting in 2018 to the last meeting in November 2020.
The readers can also search for a specific term.