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EASE OF DOING BUSINESS: Low Hanging Fruit for the New Regime

At the conclusion of the parliamentary election a new government has been formed under the Premiership of Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe. It is important to emphasise the need for introducing immediate policy reforms to accelerate

Election campaign Myth Buster #4

Time to Stop Playing Politics with Education The Constitution of Sri Lanka stipulates that education is a fundamental right. The population has achieved a literacy rate of 98.1%. From the time of the Kannangara Reforms

Election Campaign Myth Buster #3

Should the Government be the ‘employer of first resort’? Politicising youth employment In the early years after independence, it was generally accepted that the government’s role was limited to providing defence, national security, revenue collection and

Election Campaign Myth Buster #2

  Subsidies & Controls are a Panacea for Farmers’ woes The long-term prospect of our agricultural sector is severely constrained by extreme inefficiencies in both markets and public policies. This casts a very heavy burden on

Election Campaign Myth Buster #1

Hand-Outs and Subsidies – Who is Left Holding the Bag? The Pathfinder Foundation in its blueprint on economic reform, ‘Charting the Way Forward: Prosperity for All’, highlighted the following paragraph: Sri Lanka needs to follow good

Politics is Dominating Economics: A recipe for a hard-landing

Sri Lanka is once again allowing politics to suppress and postpone urgently needed economic policy reforms. Since independence, time and again political opportunism and short-term political expediency have undermined sound economic policy-making. Politicians have

Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) – Reserve Bank of India (RBI) SWAP Arrangement Indian support in time of need

The RBI has stepped in to provide timely support to Sri Lanka when its external finances were deteriorating and the currency was under pressure. The $400 million, drawn upon by the CBSL under the

The impossible trinity: an immutable law of economics

With the end of the 100 days, moves are currently afoot to complete the constitutional amendments and electoral reform. Elections are also on the horizon. The Pathfinder Foundation is of the view that once

Fishy State of Relations; Contentious issue of Palk Strait fishing: can we learn from India’s own policy?

Authored by Mr. Bernard Goonetilleke, Former Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chairman of the Pathfinder Foundation The spirit of good neighbourliness is a cherished attribute particularly when nations share natural resources. Legal experts

Don’t take your Eyes off the Ball and Endanger the Economy

The current government has attached high priority to the constitutional amendments, electoral reform and reconciliation. These are undoubtedly extremely important national issues which need to be addressed. However, it is important not to lose